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Our mission is to pay close attention to your needs so we can meet your expectations and achieve your 100% satisfaction.

Get to Know the Owner


Based in Claiborne Co, Tennessee, Eric--our founder, is a US Air Force Veteran who participated in the Desert Storm/Gulf War. He recently retired as an Occupational Therapist Assistant after 27 years and holds an AAS degree in Occupational Therapy, similar to Physical Therapy. Our founder is unofficially retired now but wants to help his local counties/communities with this effort.

How the Business Started

Having no Uber or Lyft service available in our rural area--our founder realized there was a real need for a safe and reliable transportation service to help the people in his community, local tourists, the LMU student community and surrounding counties. Hence, Premier Taxi & Transport was born.

Our founder holds a Class A CDL, driving 18 wheel big rigs Over the Road after his retirement from the medical field. He also carries commercial driving liability insurance for the protection of his valued customers.

For security--his vehicle is equipped with a GPS Locator and dash cams that record inside and outside of his vehicle. Surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies have access to these cloud feeds 24/7.

He is proud of his lifetime spotless driving record— No accidents, No tickets of any kind, and No DOT violations. Additionally, our founder has a 0 CSA score, and Never failed a drug screen ever. He also holds a 5 Star Rating on Google since opening day. 

His simple goal is to help the local businesses and communities he serves in any way possible. He serves everyone regardless of their race, religion, nationality, and ethnicity.

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